Monday 23 May 2011

100 amazing artifacts, into 1 world-changing book!!!

Gaming into the future at New York Public Library…

I am part of a small project team of librarians from Taking the Lead 2011 program, an initiative of the State Library of New South Wales. Our project focus is on creating pathways to increase readership and add value to library services to adults in the 25 to 45 year age group.

As part of my research I stumbled upon a challenging game offered to the public as part of the centenary celebrations at New York Public Library. Titled Find the Future, this is a game where you rediscover the past to uncover the future. 

On May 20th 500 participants were invited to spend a night at the New York Public Library to kick start this super fun game. Equipped with smart phones and laptops the participants were given clues to the location of treasures. Their journey took them through the historical New York Public Library looking for treasures such as the Declaration of Independence. Once they came face to face with these historical treasures they had to be inspired to write new ideas. What a fascinating design of a game that makes one look at historical artifacts with innovative creativeness. I certainly have been inspired with this game and I have signed up for this creative journey, which can be played online till the end of 2011. Check it out and see if it is your game too…

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