Saturday 21 April 2012

Meet another committee member

 Hi. I am Vikki Bell, and many of you will have seen my name in correspondence from the ALIA Sydney group. My role as part of the committee is to assist our event officers with the administrative side of things. I am one of those introverts that Amy mentioned in her last blog post, ‘tho now I am sure there are less of us around after our recent event.

Outside of ALIA Sydney I am Principal of Bellinform Research, where I take on diverse library related (and not so library related) projects. As an intrinsically shy person I find it interesting that a great deal of my work involves speaking, running workshops, training and facilitation. In this capacity I will running a workshop on using LinkedIn at the Imbase Intelligent Information Symposium on May 3rd.  I hope to meet some of you there!

I would be interested in hearing from librarians using LinkedIn – the why, and the how, and any benefits you may have gained. ALIA Sydney has a LinkedIn group – just look for us in the Groups directory, hit the JOIN button, and perhaps create or contribute to a discussion.

In addition to our face to face events, we will again be featuring the “Blog every day in June” event. If you are interested in contributing a piece (even shy people can shine at this!), or writing on a topic you are passionate about please contact the committee via . We would particularly like to hear from those of you who attended “From little things big things grow” event last October (summarised here), tell us how you have been contributing to the profession, or even what is holding you back.

It’s the weekend, having given you some additional chores (comment on LinkedIn, join ALIA Sydney group, volunteer for a guest blog) I won’t take up any more of your time - thank you for reading, and responding!


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