Saturday 23 June 2012

ALIA Biennial

The ALIA Biennial conference is nearing, and I can feel the excitement building! 

I am lucky enough to be on the social media committee for the upcoming ALIA Biennial, along with Ellen Forsyth from the State Library, Cathy Johnston from Coffs Harbour Library, Sophie McDonald from UTS Library and Jeff Cruz from the City of Sydney Library.

The thing about this group, is that 4 of us are in Sydney and one of us is in Coffs Harbour, so I haven’t actually had the pleasure of meeting Cathy face-to-face as yet, which means that we’ll be meeting for the first time at the conference itself, while we’re flitting around adding to the conference’s presence via our social media streams. (If you see us in person, say hi. If you’re not attending the conference, say hi anyway, via any of our social media streams!)

That’s the beauty of social media- you don’t have to be in the same city, or even in the same country to form a group, network or add to your PLN. I digress.

The ALIA Biennial social media committee has been experimenting with lots of different social media, including Pinterest, Tumblr, blogspot, Flickr, Springpad, Google + and of the tried and true old favourites, Twitter and Facebook. You can see a list of our efforts and their links here.  

And while you’re at it, why don’t you head over to the ALIA Biennial blog, to check out our Blog Every Day of June efforts over there? We’re focusing on discovery and what it means for us in our daily lives and from a work sense. We’re also interested in hearing your thoughts, so I invite you to submit a short 30 second video or a photo on your take on ‘discovery’. You can find out more here

- Crystal 

Crystal is the convenor of ALIA Sydney and is also on the ALIA Biennial social committee. She’s an academic librarian at the University of Sydney Library and she tweets @crystalibrary.

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