Saturday 9 June 2012

Siriously Siri!

Poll for people with Siri:

Last year when I got my new iPhone 4S I was so excited to try Siri. The slick promo video (above) created by Apple promised so much and I had visions of Siri being my new personal assistant who would schedule meetings, write messages and emails on the go and generally make me a more awesome version of me! Let’s just say I was a little disappointed. Siri just doesn’t understand me. I have tried speaking clearly, slowly and American. Nothing seems to work. She doesn’t do what I ask and she gets it wrong when she tries. Frustrating. A big problem she has is names. I ask her to message Ceci and she thinks I want to message Lissy. I  just end up using my fingers. I know I’m not the only one outside the USA and UK  (where it apparently works best) who is troubled by Siri (just look at how many people have sued Apple over it). Another irritation is the lack of location services for Aussie Siri. I don’t want to harp on about that ad again but it did make it seem like I could be jogging my way to fitness and between breaths ask Siri where I can buy a decaf skim mochachino or whatever else I feel like.

Dear Siri, I keep trying and you keep failing me. I hope one day we see eye to eye. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep trying...


Here are some interesting Siri resources if you want to find out more:

And because everyone loves an Infographic: Although this information is based on American users so we can only really view this and think about how good it will be one day...

~ Sophie for ALIA Sydney

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