Wednesday 13 February 2013

International Librarians Network

So you are a librarian and you are keen to network with other librarians not just here in Sydney but from around the world. 

But alas, you don't have an unlimited budget and you don't speak German
What is a librarian to do? 

A pilot project conceived by former ALIA Sydney convener Kate Byrne and created with Alyson Dalby and  Clare McKenzie. These three enterprising librarians have put together a 'peer mentoring program' which is 'aimed at helping librarians develop international networks'. Participants will be paired up with a partner in the library industry and 'formally supported for six months through regular contact and facilitated online group discussions'. After six months the formal partnership finishes and new matches can be started.

So I can hear you thinking, 'Wait, I get to meet these fabulous librarians from far flung locations and I don't even need to leave the sofa? Brilliant! Now what?'

If you are interested you need to get a wiggle on because registration for this round of partnerships closes on February 15th. Even if you don't think you have the time to participate in this round of networking keep an eye on the blog for interesting discussions and news from around the world.

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