Friday 14 June 2013

Library Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? I find that I listen to them on and off. If I have more driving to do, I listen to more podcasts, and I sometimes listen to a few in a row when I am doing other jobs around the house. I like using Instacast to manage my podcasts, it's easy to work with and syncs up nicely on various hardware.

In January a library conversation podcast called Library Chat commenced. Corin Haynes chats with different guests about topics in the library and information sector. Typically the talks are about 40 minutes and a new one is posted about every month. I've really enjoyed his style and the topics so far.

Established a while longer is the podcast Circulating Ideas - the librarian interview podcast. Hosted by Steve Thomas and originating in the US, it mostly has interviews with various librarians on their area of interest, but occasionally has a topic under discussion by a panel rather than a one on one. Naturally the focus in on US people and issues, and there were several in a row devoted to the ALA Elections this year.

Another podcast I subscribe to, is the LITTech podcast "hosted by Library Specialist Emily Thompson, highlights the innovative news, gadgets, and resources for the literary educator." LITTech posts each week, and their topics are interesting and worth looking through to see if they have covered something you are currently interested in. Because new recordings are posted so regularly, they often cover whatever the current hot topic is, so it's good for keeping up to date.

One that I haven't yet picked up, but will add to my list is Bibliotech. Perhaps you are already a devoted listener.

Podcasts are an easy way to keep abreast of current affairs in library circles and often refer to other sources which are useful. I'd love to hear from any of you about other podcasts, especially any originating in Australia.

Lauren Castan

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  1. Thank you for the podcast list! I am all about collaboration so I'll definitely be tuning in to Circulating Ideas.