Thursday 12 September 2013

Wanted: your election material!


So the 2013 Federal Election is over and now you're left with a pile of useless election campaign material. What to do with it all??

Instead of tossing it all into the recycling or rubbish bin, why not send it to a new and loving home!!

The National Library of Australia is attempting to collect an original copy of ever piece of campaign material produced to add to the national collection. Every three years the National Library attempts to collect all political ephemera produced during the election to record for future generations, the political landscape of our time. This year to make it even easier for you to send the Library any material you have, the National Library has established a reply-paid address. 

Federal Election Campaign Ephemera
Australian Collection Development
National Library of Australia
Reply Paid E202 (Box 6153)
Kingston ACT 2604

The National Library is looking for:
  • Any published leaflets, letters, ‘how to vote’ cards, posters, pamphlets, badges, stickers, hats, cardboard cutouts, DVDs and any other political material. The more unusual the item the better.
  • Material from marginal electorates, from communities with specific local issues as well as from regional and remote Australia.
  • Any material that arrives through your mailbox or is handed to you in person from candidates/parties, political lobby groups and especially from unofficial sources with a political agenda.
  • The Library’s PANDORA service also archives election-based websites – those hosted by registered parties, lobby groups and also politically focused blogs. Please send any suggested sites for archiving to the Web Archiving team.

So rather than adding to the plies of recycling and rubbish why don't you contribute to preserving our history! 

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