Thursday 29 May 2014

Sabotage in the Library / Are you ready for #blogjune ?

Hello everyone,

If we have been a little quiet on the blog front lately, that's because we are preparing for the full-on-funfest-of-posting that is the annual #blogjune challenge.

Starting on Sunday we will aim to bring you one post each day in June. We have some great guest contributors lined up and writing about a range of interesting topics that will be sure to grab your attention. If you have something great to contribute to our blog in June, as always we'd love to hear from you . Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the next month of reading on ALIA Sydney's blog.

Also, as we are more than halfway through the working week, let's celebrate with a very special library remake of Spike Jonze's iconic 1994 Beastie Boys video for 'Sabotage'.

-Maria Savvidis @m_savvidis
Social Media Officer, ALIA Sydney

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