Saturday 14 June 2014

Blog Every Day in June Day 14: The Next Generation of Library Goers

I haven’t worked in a library for about 6 months now and I thought to myself: “Honestly, what have I got to blog about?!” I left work at the Gilbert Wright Library at Morling College towards the end of last year to have my baby boy, Atticus. As he gets older I introduce him to different books (at the moment we are reading our way through the ‘Mr Men’ collection) and he enjoys sitting on my lap, trying to turn the pages for himself, as much as I relish reading to him. 

I realised that what I want to blog about are the little library goers of the future. I can’t wait until Atticus is old enough to appreciate libraries and all that they have to offer.

My local library is Hornsby library, part of the Hornsby Shire Library and Information Service, and not only do they have an excellent selection of kiddie books, they also have all manner of exciting events. They have everything from art exhibitions, craft time and story time to a visiting circus and a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex (yes, you did read that correctly)! Libraries are so much more than the items they hold.

Of course I want Atticus to appreciate libraries for the world of stories that he will be opened up to: going through the wardrobe with Lucy, adventuring through Middle Earth with Frodo, and overthrowing the Trunchbull with Matilda… but I also want him to be able to experience culture and events such as: art, history, craft, agriculture, the performing arts, genealogy, community and everything that his local library has to offer. Now I just need to wait for him to be old enough!

- Erin Sessions

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