Sunday 26 October 2014

Library Achievements

We often hear about negative things that are happening in libraries, like budget cuts resulting in loss of jobs or even library closures. Sometimes is it difficult to remember some of the good things people are doing for the LIS profession. 

This past week Australians have been celebrating the life of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam for his contributions to our society. On Tuesday 21 October, ALIA released an article in recognition of the significant contributions he made to the LIS profession.
One of his achievements was the establishment of the Committee of Inquiry into Public Libraries in 1975. This committee examined issues relating to the effective provisioning of free public library services, and made other detailed recommendations on planning, coordination, finance, regionalisation, technological matters and the need for innovation. 

The broad premise - that public library and information services would be the collective responsibility of the Commonwealth, State and local spheres of government, funded in part by each - was strongly welcomed by the LIS profession at the time.

Do you know anyone that is making positive contributions to the LIS profession?


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