Monday 23 June 2014

Blog Every Day in June Day 23 : Libraries beware!

I am often horrified when talking to people about information found on the internet. 
Wikipedia is great, I am the first to admit that I use Wikipedia all of the time but too often are people willing to accept that everything on the internet is true!

I work at a theological library and just a few weeks ago in my theology network a librarian was seeking assistance in finding a certain book requested by one of their members. It appeared to be a very important academic work for this research paper the member was conducting.

The reference:
Blasphemy law in Pakistan: apostasy in Islam, Blasphemy, freedom of religion in Pakistan. Fredrick P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, John McBrewster USA : Alphascript. 2010. 

Found on Google books here.
Looks like a real book, and by all accounts legitimate. But it pays to use all of those investigative skills you have learnt / are learning, because as it turns out it is a scam . 

It is becoming increasingly challenging to determine the veracity of academic resources in the digital world but there will always be unsavoury people trying to make easy money. So it is our job to continue to be information detectives.

-Gabby  @gabriellefury

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