Wednesday 20 August 2014

Creative Commons

Do you know much about Creative Commons? Does your workplace make use of the different licences out there to share information, education and creative content?

If you’re a little rusty, or you’d like a primer in to the world of copyright and ways you can share information, here is a good introductory article via The Conversation about Creative Commons and what it has achieved over the last decade. 

The School of Open is an online resource working in conjunction with Creative Commons that offers  stand-alone and facilitated courses about copyright. 
A nice one to start with is the aptly named ‘Get CC savvy’ but there are several to choose from and they don't take very long at all.

Earlier this year, Jane Park, Project Manager at Creative Commons gave an hour-long webinar with a special focus on libraries and librarians. 
You can view the slides from her presentation here, or better yet, watch the recorded webinar

And last but not least, drop in to the Creative Commons Australia site which is full of resources and tips to help you. Happy sharing!

-Maria Savvidis

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