Wednesday 12 June 2013

Permanent Positions to be Deleted from the NSW Public Service

Welcome to our guest blogger Robert Ryan. Robert has attended a meeting recently where the proposed Public Service Bill was discussed. 

Robert writes:-

The proposed Public Service Bill 2013 to be introduced into the NSW Parliament
will have the effect of abolishing permanent positions. For Librarians this could mean that their conditions can be changed as previous awards only related to 
permanent positions.

 This and other  aspects of the Bill that is causing concern is listed below:

(1) Remove the statutory protections for merit selection in the Public Service

(2) Undermine job security of Public Servants by abolishing the concept of permanent positions held by officers

(3) Enable the Minister by determination to remove employees from Award coverage and access to the Industrial Relations Commission

(4) Enable the Minister or Department Head to terminate the contract of senior public servants for no reason

(5) Remove many statutory protections for employees and replaces them with yet
to be written Government Sector Employment Rules

Robert Ryan

If you would like more information about the progress of this bill, and the work being done by the Public Service Association or the Community and Public Sector Union, look no further than their website, and sign their petition.

Also, did you know the State Library of NSW is going out on strike on Wednesday June 12? 

Find out why here-

Lauren Castan

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