Sunday 23 March 2014

Meet your 2014 committee : Social Media Officers

This year we have a new committee, so we thought it would be nice to say hi and let you know a little about us! 

Hi! my name is Caitlin and I'm a new Social Media Officer for ALIA Sydney. I've just started my first year of study at CSU in Information Studies. I also volunteer at the Parramatta Heritage Centre Library and the WEA library. Some of my library related interests are Library advocacy, Children's and Youth services and in particular libraries in Western Sydney. 
I wanted to join ALIA Sydney because I really enjoyed an event they held, and wanted to spend time assisting in the development of the group's social media presence across many platforms.

My interests aside from libraries are Powerlifting, fashion and painting.

Caitlin Williams,
Social Media Officer, ALIA Sydney

Hello, I'm Maria -one of ALIA Sydney's Social Media Officers. I joined the team this year because I wanted to engage and surround myself with passionate and diverse library folk. I've worked at lots of different libraries over the last decade, but Specials and the GLAM sector have my heart.

Look forward to meeting you in person or via 140 characters or less!
Maria Savvidis, 
Social Media Officer, ALIA Sydney

You can reach us, and the rest of the committee, at

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