Sunday 21 June 2015

Blog Every Day in June Day 21: Libraries and Liberties

 Day 21 of Blog June!

Today's post is from Eleanor Gerrard, ALIA Sydney's event officer. 

As we have all seen many times, libraries are crucial to to the continued education of people, development of society, and preservation of our histories and culture. But what about in countries that are still developing, where education, history and culture is oppressed, and where democratic freedoms have not always exercised?

The University of Technology Sydneys Cosmopolitan Civil Societies blog has written about the important role that public libraries have played in the development of democratic societies in Africa. Considering that African knowledge about Africa is swamped by Western knowledge about Africa, it is more important than ever for African countries to establish their own information collections that are independent to the West, and a true reflection of that countrys heritage so that it cannot be lost.

The article also points out how libraries can play a vital role in educating women and girls in the region, which has been proven to lead to poverty alleviation, to the development of active citizens and to the creation of a more open and democratic society.

Read more from the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies blog to find out about how the establishment of libraries can have a positive impact on developing democratic societies:

Eleanor Gerrard

Event Officer, ALIA Sydney

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